About Our Flowers

Our Flowers

At The Flower Farm, we go through great lengths to find excellent breeders and plant suppliers and we choose only the best in the field.  Holland is considered the Flower Capital of the world and there is good reason for that!  With their level of research and state of the art breeding techniques, the Dutch are always ahead of competition.  This is where the story of the flowers start. The first one are the flowers themselves.  When we get the plants, we start the process of growing them but not immediately for selling.  The plants undergo rigorous tests in our farm.  Prudent choice, field testing for at least one year and training of our farm workers are just a few of the activities we employ to come out with great, healthy flowers.

The Philippines is a tropical country. We have higher humidity levels than Europe, we have extremely warm weather and we have monsoon rains.  All these make cutflower growing difficult most specially if you are after a great end product!  So testing is required on the field for a whole year to determine how each variety performs under tropical conditions.  For example, each variety of chrysanthemum would perform differently.  This is the same for roses, gerberas, hypericums, asters, anthuriums, lilies, carnations and many other temperate cut flowers.  The challenge we face is how we can grow them to the best quality possible under our conditions in the Philippines.

Investments are high if you want to grow cut flowers intensively. This requires good greenhouses or shade houses.  Fertigation systems to make sure the young plants are fed at the right time with the right fertilizers and chemicals, artificial lighting systems and very good soil.  As seasons change from summer to the monsoons, major adjustments have to be done to ensure that our plants are always growing at optimum levels.  When you have a healthy plant, you most certainly will come out with healthy flowers!