About The Flower Farm

The Flower Farm Corporation

The Flower Farm Corporation is considered one of the premier florists in the Philippines, we’ve been in the flower business for almost 40 years.  

We grow our own flowers primarily in our farm located in Tagaytay City. We are recognized as one of the pioneers in the cut flower industry of the Philippines for having introduced floral varieties never before grown in the country.

We continue being one of the leading florists of Manila for providing a full range of services that include design, delivery, and setup for all occasions.

From intimate parties, corporate launches, memorial services, to large weddings and more, TFFC promises to provide you with our freshest blooms.

Our Founder

Ging de los Reyes

The Flower Farm started in 1983 as a gardening hobby of Ging de los Reyes. She bought several flower seeds, plants, and bulbs from Europe, some varieties of which were not grown in the country at that time.

After sharing the flowers with her friends who were amazed at the unique assortments, the hobby then turned into a full-blown commercial enterprise and was incorporated in 1987.

The Flower Farm in Tagaytay

The Flower Farm Special Flowers chrysanthemums at the flower farm chrysanthemums at the flower farm

Nestled in cool, picturesque Tagaytay City, The Flower Farm is now a 7.2-hectare flower nursery that supplies our in-house shops, local retailers, hotels, florists, and the wholesale market.

We grow over 40 varieties of chrysanthemums and 20 varieties of gerberas in a wide range of colors and hues – white, shades of pink, red, fuchsia, green, orange and yellow. We grow anthuriums for our retail operations, and seasonally grow amaryllis, asters, celosia, and sunflowers. We have exported our anthuriums and chrysanthemums to Guam and Japan.

Aside from flowers, we also grow a wide variety of fresh foliage for use in our floral arrangements, various varieties of potted herbs and peppers, as well as other ornamental pot plants.

Our Difference

Growing our own flowers means that our customers get first pick at the best blooms on the market. When you choose The Flower Farm Corporation to fulfill your floral needs, you know your flowers’ freshness is guaranteed.

Farm Location

Due to the current state of the country, the farm is currently closed for farm visits due to Covid restrictions. We shall announce it in the future if we are able to accept visits soon.